Hero Labs

Hero Labs creates tools that help people achieve meaningful goals.

We believe in human potential—we know people can accomplish incredible things. Curiosity, creativity, and exploration guide our work.

Our first product, the Exploratory Hero app, is based on principles from psychology and cybernetics to tap into long-term motivation. It provides guided goal-setting that's adaptable as you act in the world to pursue your goals.

Hero Labs was founded by Neysa Koizumi and James Murphy.

Neysa Koizumi - Co-Founder, Director of Technology

Neysa has nearly 20 years in the IT industry. She started off as a full-stack developer, recognising the importance of building a skill set across all aspects of the industry. She enjoyed working with clients to make their ideas a reality by abstracting the development process to ensure applications fulfilled the current and future needs of her clients.

Neysa aligns her working life toward creating things that help others live better lives.

Outside of work, she has many interests: she loves physics, she’s learning the piano, and she grows a pretty epic permaculture-inspired garden. The most important thing to her is that her family all live a life together that’s filled with meaningful experiences.

James Murphy - Founder, Managing Director

James aims to maximise human potential. He applies systems thinking, insights from the behavioural sciences, and human-centred design principles to all of his work.

James believes deeply in the importance of a playful, flexible mind—he has a range of interests and is constantly learning. He’s fascinated by creativity and enjoys thinking across the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

He also enjoys writing, and challenges himself regularly with a variety of physical activities: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, strength training, rock climbing, and hiking.